Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Stars of Heaven shall Fall and the Heavens shall be Shaken.

The Bible Tells us in the last days the Stars shall fall from Heaven and the heavens shall be shaken.
This video takes a deep dive into this and what it means.

Are we walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death?

This video looks at where we are today with the Covid-19 scenario, and how Canada is responding both to it, and to China, the source of the Pandemic. We also take a glimpse once again at the possible beast of Revelation, and how we are being acclimatized to accept it. We would like to acknowledge also, the hard work and help of our brothers in Christ, and others, clips of whose work are included in this video. Don’t forget to check out our other news and prophecy videos at our You Tube Channel, Prophecy and Biblical mysteries, as well as our news websites at http://townrag.ca and http://godschild.ca

"The Fear Mongers VS The Angels" a Physical and Spiritual Battle

This video attempts to display the degree to which fear mongers are in contention with the positive elements in our society, and reflects the battle for the control of our minds, and attention, through media and other sources.

Is the New Normal Abnormal, or can we get back to the Real Normal

We are Adults, treat us as Adults, we are not your Children, or your Serfs